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Obesity Health Study Confirms: “Yo Momma’s So Fat”

fat.jpg The Trust for America’s Health released a new report today with some shocking figures about America’s fat epidemic: 31 states hit record obesity levels with 30% of American’s now considered obese. If you combine that with the number of Americans who are overweight (but not obese) the figure shows that 64 percent of America is fat!

Looking at the figures, there is a direct correlation between poverty and obesity. The poorest states – Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana and Kentucky – also have the highest obesity nationwide. The root causes cited are (surprise, surprise) a lack of exercise and poor nutrition. Getting chased by a bear and him stealing your pick-a-nick basket (like in Colorado): healthy. Eating a McSaturatedFat Sandwich while sitting in your rocking chair (like in Mississippi): unhealthy.

The Trust for America’s Health is charged with detailing state obesity rates and government programs meant to fight the epidemic. Most experts agree that the problem is so pervasive throughout our society and culture, that its unlikely to improve unless some drastic steps are taken by both the government and individuals themselves.

If you’re American and you’re reading this: put down that snickers bar and do yourself a favor: get some nutritious food! Here’s something to get you started – A free week of healthy delicious food with Nutrisystem.

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hi, im know what trans fat causes and whats it in. but what is it!
is it man made, or its the fat on chicken, beef etc. when was it introduced and what reason did they presented it to the market. could you let me know thanks Fred D

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