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Lieberman loses thanks to Iraq, web, and the Colbert Report

lieb.jpg Senator Lieberman, a prominent party leader and the Democratic nominee for the 2000 VP, was defeated last night by newcomer Ned “Not-so-Flanders” Lamont. People are attributing this loss to two main factors: Lieberman’s pro-Iraq war stance and the influence of various “netroots” movements (Internet activists, bloggers, websites like DumpJoe, and anyone with 10,000 Myspace friends and a political agenda).

It also didn’t hlep Joe’s case that his website went down the night before the election. A lot of rumors were floating around about Lamont’s camp sabotaging the site, but the real reason was more likely that a cheap hosting account can’t handle a lot of traffic during a traffic spike (like, say, right before the election). If you’re a Democrat running for office, get a good hosting plan.

I would imagine not appearing on the Colbert Report probably didn’t help either. Steven Colbert had repeatedly asked Lieberman to come on his show – and he ignored him. What’s worse than being “On Notice”? That’s right – losing your primary.

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I don’t feel Lieberman lost just because of the Iraq war. The middle class is getting fed up completely with Politicians that do nothing for them. We want our borders secured first. We want slave wages stopped. Have these politicians heard us, NO. Apparently their pockets are being lined. Middle class and poor still have the majority vote so good bye politicians at election time. I think these elections proved this and November will even prove it more.
Betty A. Seaba

Comment by Betty Seaba — August 12, 2006 @ 11:43 am

Senator Lieberman lost the primary because the Democratic Party has its base so far left that they are finally starting to kick any moderates out of the party. Yes, it is Iraq that lost him the race. The Democratic Party is so exclusive that anyone who believes that the war in Iraq was the right thing to do, will not be able to win as a Democratic candidate. Last decade, we saw massive numbers of moderate Democrats switch over to the more moderate Republican Party. This is just the Democrats way of removing any remnants of moderate thinking in their party.

Comment by Matthew Menefee — September 5, 2006 @ 5:58 pm

Joe Liberman is still one of two Democrats representing Connecticut. He will, hopefully, be re-elected and continue to serve his home state. If he wins, Democrats who shunned him, will drop Ned Lamont like an 100 ton anchor. I’m ashamed of Sen. Dodd. He knows Sen. Liberman is still the incumbent. How tragic.

Comment by Dr.R.D.B.Laime — September 5, 2006 @ 10:35 pm

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