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Who knew BP stood for Broken Pipes? Gas prices to skyrocket

bp.jpgToday BP is shutting down its oil pipes that are used to carry crude from Alaska to mainland United States. Apparently the pipelines sprung a leak and upon further inspection, a large segment of them are corroded. So BP i closing down 16 miles of broken pipes. It will take weeks to repair.

Since those pipes are the biggest source of domestic crude, oil futures spiked earlier today. What does this mean? Higher prices at the pump for all of us in the near future. Oil is already having a detrimental effect on our economy, this surely will not help. Actually BP stands to make even more money from this, since cutting fuel supply increases their profits. (Market forces at work – see “how gas prices work“) Hmmm, I wonder why they weren’t keeping a closer eye on their rusting pipes.

Better sell your H2 or figure out some ways to get some free gas or discounted gas.

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What in the hell are you corporate fat asses doing? If the american people were smart they would file a class action suit against you for neglagnce and damages to the nations economy , You dumb asses fire anyone even remotely stepping out of line in your so called perfect pipedream world. Well looks like you just screwed us again even worse that this war has….Hope whoever is responsable for this new fuckup has there balls boiled in hot crude. Hey heres an idea after you jack up the prices for this hype, how about you do something deicent for a change and lower you prices to the american people to give us a break from the crap you keep dumping on us. Good God is this your american way? Your sad………Get some people who know what there doing.

One of many Pissed off Americans….T.A Tarbutton

Comment by T.A. Tarbutton — August 9, 2006 @ 7:15 am

[…] Gas prices have hit a new record high according to a survey published Sunday, 1 cent higher than in the wake of least year’s Hurricane Katrina. The new high is $3.03 for a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline. People all over the country are figuring out ways to save money on gas or cut down on their driving. After BP’s gas pipe fiasco, it looked like the price of gas would skyrocket but recent terror threats have let speculators to believe that demand for air travel will go down as a result, leading to lower gas prices than expected. So the situation is bad, but not as bad as it could be. Many politicians are using this opportunity to shore up support for their campaigns by using the issue of high gas prices as a platform. The $14 billion dollar subsidies that the government pays out to gas companies are seen as a bit of a shocker when just recently these same companies have posted the highest profits ever recorded in the entire history of mankind. […]

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