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Tomamount Splits: Paramount and Tom Cruise Seperate

tom.jpg While Brangelina and Tomkat are still solid, Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures have just split up. Paramount Pictures has severed their 14 year relationship with Tom Cruise’s Cruise/Wagner Productions. Viacom (Paramount’s parent company) chairman was quoted in the Wall Street Journal, saying “as much as we like him personally, we thought it was wrong to renew his deal. His recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount.”

Tom has received a fair amount of bad publicity this year following his Oprah appearance, his courtship and baby fiasco with Katie Holmes, and his public comments about Scientology and healthcare. Even though he has made Paramount over 1 billion dollars throughout his movie career with such hits as Top Gun and Mission Impossible, the old Hollywood adage holds true: you’re only as good as your last movie. Or in this case: you’re only as good as your last public meltdown.

Tom’s camp answered back with “We wanted to leave anyway,” but it seems that Paramount had the upper hand in this one.

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tommy has lost it..! but at least he still has his looks. katie and scientology have gotten to him, but damn, he’s aging gracefully.

Comment by tom where are you? — August 23, 2006 @ 6:59 pm

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[…] Tom Cruise (a star) was dumped by Paramount yesterday. Pluto (a planet) was dumped today by the world’s astronomers who were meeting at a International Astronomical Union conference in Prague. They agreed that the word “planet” generally could be used to describe Pluto, but its technically a dwarf planet (not ot be confused with a dwarf actor). So now the total of planets in the solar system is 8, not 9. So now all your science books are innacurate. Here’s some paralells: […]

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I think Tom Cruise is the best! He’s my idol , i adore him. i wish upon many stars to meet him in person. that would be A DREAM COME TRUE! Oh my God! i love you thomas cruise

Comment by Leilani Witosky — September 14, 2010 @ 5:26 am

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